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  • Notice the Results – from having qualified exam markers tutoring students; we will make sure you learn something every week that’s likely to appear in the class and exams!​

  • Work Smarter and Learn Faster– Our Tutors use pairs to encourage faster work and focus students on achievement.

  • 1:1 learning – We only tutor 1 to 2 children at a time. Our tutors who are experienced at teaching 30 children can deliver a personalised learning experience to all of our students.

  • Master Challenges – We will work with our students to ensure they overcome any learning difficulties.

  • Become Fluent - we aim to make all students confident with the core topics in their chosen subject

  • Weekly Feedback – we will ensure our students reach their learning goals both with us and at home.

  • We’re a Local Company - Chellaston Tutoring has been established to serve local students.

Why Chellaston Tutoring?

Our Subjects:

Phonics and Reading 

Primary English

Story Book

Secondary Maths


Secondary English

Red Rulers
Blue Pencil

Primary Maths

Triangle Ruler

SATs, 11+, GCSE 

Idea 2

Secondary Science

Test Tube
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