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How we raise grades

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Here at Chellaston Tutoring, our friendly and experienced team of fully qualified and DBS checked teachers will grow successful learners. We will identify children’s weaknesses that form obstacles to learning and generate effective strategies to overcome these. Our approach, in turn, can aid in growing confidence, strengthening academic performance and overcoming ‘exam nerves’ and ‘classroom anxiety’ faced by many children in the conventional classroom today.

Our wide variety of resources, tools and techniques reflect effective practices and the current requirements of the demanding and changing curriculum, grading procedures and examinations.

Many children fear ridicule from their peers in light of “silly questions” and “wrong answers”.  Many children harbour the misconception that they shouldn’t ask the teachers for help or appear less able in front of their friends. At Chellaston Tutoring, we concentrate on developing confidence, building self-esteem and raising academic achievement, as per our philosophy.

I hated it when I was chosen to answer the teacher’s question. I always tried to look away or sit further back to avoid this. I was always scared of being embarrassed and saying something wrong or silly in front of everyone in my class. But now I am usually the first one with my hand up. I like when I’m picked as I know the answer or want to give it at least a try.

Sam, age 12


At Chellaston Tutoring children’s learning takes place with 1:1 or 1:2 tuition for 60 minutes. We deliver extensive 1:1 time with activities that reflect student’s topics in the classroom, with results they will be able to notice quickly. We monitor and track the children and their progress constantly to scaffold their learning.

We motivate and encourage learners to ask questions, participating in an educational dialogue to learn from their mistakes and strengthen their communication and social skills. We aim to build their skills in both confidence and articulation of their ideas. Here at Chellaston Tutoring, we encourage children to be independent learners and overcome their academic weaknesses to reach their goals and overcome any academic challenges they face.

These activities allow learners to practice their newly equipped academic skill set, and their progress will be evident in school through their confidence and results. We aim to make sure your child doesn’t fall behind but instead achieves their true potential.

Scared with the ever-growing class sizes and the shrinking 1:1 attention your child receives in school?


Tuition helps address both the children’s issues and the parents’ concerns. At Chellaston Tutoring, we will plan and teach a tailored and personalised teaching program for your child to meet their needs. We will monitor their progress and celebrate their achievements.


The world of tutoring is not monitored or regulated by a governing body. Therefore, any unqualified individual can label themselves a tutor and are not accountable. At Chellaston Tutoring, all our experienced, fully qualified and DBS checked teamwork within our guidelines to employ only the highest standards and quality of teaching.

Education is a crucial aspect of a child’s life, and so their teaching should reflect this. In order to become successful learners and citizens of the future, children require their education to reflect this. Furthermore, through following OFSTED guidelines, at Chellaston Tutoring, we provide safety and the highest quality provision for all our children and ensure all the teaching practices utilise the very best pedagogy.

A growing number of parents are reporting that their children feel anxious, and their learning needs are not addressed adequately in schools.

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