Our vision

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Here at Chellaston Tutors, we are a local, friendly and experienced team of fully qualified and DBS checked teachers. Fundamentally, we aim to build confident and successful students by creating a strong educational foundation regardless of abilities, needs or background.

Although our teaching styles differ, all tutors share the Chellaston Tutoring vision and philosophy, which in turn reflects in our teaching. We are passionate about learning and will strive to develop both your child's confidence and grades in school. We are committed to helping your children become life long learners. 

Our tuition supports children within an engaging learning environment. They will learn crucial skills and techniques to help them handle exam nerves and achieve greater results.

Our philosophy

We believe learning can be fun and students can foster a genuine interest in learning

We believe in developing confidence, building self-esteem and raising academic achievement

We believe all of our students can become successful learners with our support and expertise

We believe in building a strong foundation of knowledge that will lead to lifelong learners

We believe in our students taking ownership of their learning and academic goals 



My name is Jordan, and I am a qualified teacher working at Chellaston Tutoring.

I am an extremely experienced teacher having taught in both primary and secondary schools. Working across multiple age groups, my teaching has benefited from a large bank of knowledge. I hold a specialism for Maths from being a Maths Leader to completing a Master’s in Educational Leadership at the University of Warwick where I specialised in Maths.  


Furthermore, being rated as an “excellent” exam marker, I have gained valuable insight into the current exam practices and techniques that maximises student grades.

These diverse environments have, in turn, strengthened my knowledge of effective strategies for student learning and progress. As a highly motivated teacher, I am confident that my passion and drive for high standards will enable me to make a significant and positive impact on my students.

Additionally, I have extensive experience with pupils who have individual and varying needs and providing positive learning experiences to challenging students. Furthermore, being qualified in pediatric first aid, I always keep the safety of my students in mind. Within all this, I firmly believe that teamwork is the key and have always facilitated a supportive atmosphere and approach with my students.




My name is Ryan, and I am an English tutor at Chellaston Tutoring and a class teacher.


After successfully completing my A-Levels, including English Literature and following my passion for teaching and learning, I chose to pursue a career in education. After qualifying as a teacher, I have had numerous experiences in different learning environments from multiple schools in Derbyshire, I have taught in both inner city, county and SEN schools across Derby City.

Stemming from my passion for English, I tutor Y1 up to Y11 from both primary level English to GCSE. I enjoy taking a systematic approach to teaching and I explore the different ways in which the written word can be used.


I believe my experiences help to ensure I can meet expectations, giving me a first-hand understanding of how to impact positively on my pupils and the unique problems of working with children. With all my knowledge and credentials, I am well prepared to dedicate myself and push my students to achieve the highest standards.


​At Chellaston Tutoring, I aim to pair my passion for English with the centre’s effective tools for teaching. Through demonstrating a calm manner and a resilient nature, I have continuously worked to develop a proactive tutor mentality.



My name is Martin, and I am a Maths tutor at Chellaston Tutoring, having successfully completed my Masters in Education.


​During my career, I have experienced success with a proven record of helping children make accelerated progress. My commitment to fostering collaborative and engaging educational experiences has productively developed thoughtful students while simultaneously equipping them with the necessary techniques to advance. 

The large portion of my teaching career originates from working in challenging secondary schools struggling with severe behavioural difficulties and complex learning needs. My experiences have taught me how to raise standards in children’s attainment while catering for their needs. Pushing students towards excellence and high performance in their education.


​Ultimately, my diverse experiences have gifted me with valuable insight into the different pedagogical approaches and educational theories underpinning teaching and learning.



My name is Rhianna, and I am an English tutor at Chellaston Tutoring alongside my teaching career.

Being an English teacher, I have in-depth experience in maintaining effective learning systems and extensive knowledge of the latest pedagogical approaches to teaching. Also, I excel at using strong communication, creativity, and motivational skills to encourage learning, progress, and engagement. Furthermore, I am experienced with teaching to key learning objectives and outcomes to push my students to achieve the best they can. In this regard, I am well versed in nurturing my students to reach their potential, growing their motivation and self-confidence and a love for learning.


Whenever I teach, all students are welcomed into an amazing supportive learning environment and gain valuable learning experiences from high-quality teaching.

Here at Chellaston Tutoring, I want to be able to better support students of any age and ability to reach their full potential and attain their educational goals.